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  • WP3051T In-line Smart Display Pressure Transmitter

    WP3051T In-line Smart Display Pressure Transmitter

    Utilizing piezoresistive sensor technology, Wangyuan WP3051T In-line Smart Display Pressure Transmitter design can offer reliable Gauge Pressure (GP) and Absolute Pressure (AP) measurement for Industrial pressure or level solutions.

    As one of the variants of WP3051 Series, the transmitter has a compact in-line structure with LCD/LED local indicator. The major components of WP3051 are the sensor module and the electronics housing. The sensor module contains the oil filled sensor system (isolating diaphragms, oil fill system, and sensor) and the sensor electronics. The sensor electronics are installed within the sensor module and include a temperature sensor (RTD), a memory module, and the capacitance to digital signal converter (C/D converter). The electrical signals from the sensor module are transmitted to the output electronics in the electronics housing. The electronics housing contains the output electronics board, the local zero and span buttons, and the terminal block.