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  • WB Series Temperature transmitter

    WB Series Temperature transmitter

    WB temperature transmitter is integrated with the conversion circuit, which not only saves expensive compensation wires, but also reduces signal transmission loss, and improves the anti-interference ability during long-distance signal transmission.

    Linearization correction function, thermocouple temperature transmitter has cold end temperature compensation.

  • WPLD Series Anti-corrosive Integral Electromagnetic Flow Meter

    WPLD Series Anti-corrosive Integral Electromagnetic Flow Meter

    WPLD series Electromagnetic Flow Meters are designed to measure the volumetric flow rate of almost any electrically conductive liquids, as well as sludges, pastes and slurries in duct. A prerequisite is that the medium must have a certain minimum conductivity. Our various magnetic flow transmitters offer precise operation, easy installation and high reliability, providing robust and cost-effective all-round flow control solutions.

  • WP311B Immersion type Water Level Transmitter

    WP311B Immersion type Water Level Transmitter

    WP311B Immersion type Water Level Transmitter (also called hydrostatic pressure transmitter, Submersible pressure transmitters) use advanced imported anti-corrosion diaphragm sensitive components, the sensor chip was put inside of a stainless steel (or PTFE) enclosure. The function of the top steel cap is protecting transmitter, and the cap can make the measured liquids contact the diaphragm smoothly.
    A special vented tube cable was used, and it makes the back pressure chamber of diaphragm connect well with atmosphere, the measurement liquid level is not affected by the change of outside atmospheric pressure. This Submersible level transmitter has accurate measurement, good long term stability, and has excellent sealing and anti-corrosion performance, it meets marine standard, and it can be directly put into water, oil and other liquids for a long-term use.

    Special internal construct technology completely solves the problem of condensation and dewfall
    Using special electronic design technology to basically solve the problem of lightning strike

  • WP421A Medium & High Temperature Pressure Transmitter

    WP421A Medium & High Temperature Pressure Transmitter

    The WP421medium and high temperature pressure transmitter is assembled with imported high temperature resistant sensitive components, and the sensor probe can work stably for a long time at a high temperature of 350. The laser cold welding process is used between the core and the stainless steel shell to completely melt it into one body, ensuring the safety of the transmitter under high temperature conditions. The pressure core of the sensor and the amplifier circuit are insulated with PTFE gaskets, and a heat sink is added. The internal lead holes are filled with high-efficiency thermal insulation material aluminum silicate, which effectively prevents heat conduction and ensures the amplification and conversion circuit part work at allowable temperature.