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  • WP201A Standard type Differential Pressure Transmitter

    WP201A Standard type Differential Pressure Transmitter

    The WP201A  Standard type Differential Pressure Transmitter adopts imported high-precision and high-stability sensor chips, adopts unique stress isolation technology, and undergoes precise temperature compensation and high-stability amplification processing to convert the differential pressure signal of the measured medium into 4-20mA standards signal output. High-quality sensors, sophisticated packaging technology and perfect assembly process ensure the excellent quality and best performance of the product.


    WP201A can be equipped with an integrated indicator, the differential pressure value can be displayed on site, and the zero point and range can be continuously adjusted. This product is widely used in furnace pressure, smoke and dust control, fans, air conditioners and other places for pressure and flow detection and control. This type of transmitter can also be used for measuring gauge pressure (negative pressure) by using single terminal.