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    Pressure Transmitter for oil pressure measuring

Found in 2001, Shanghai Wangyuan Instruments of Measurement Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise level company specializing in measurement instrumentation, services and solutions for industrial process control. We provide process solutions for pressure, level, temperature, flow and indicator.

Our products and services comply with the professional standards of CE, ISO 9001, SIL, Ex, RoHS and CPA. We can provide integrated research and development services that rank us at the top of our industry. All products are thoroughly tested in-house with our vast array of calibration and special testing equipment. Our testing process is conducted in accordance with a strict quality control system.


Common Specifications of Pressure Transmitter

Common Specifications of Pressure Transmi...

Pressure sensors are usually dimensioned and defined by several general parameters. Keeping a quick understanding of the basic specifications will be of great help to the process of sourcing or selecting the appropriate sensor. It should be noted that the specifications for the Instrumentations c...

Common Specifications of Pressure Transmitter
Pressure sensors are usually dimensioned ...
Five Key Factors to Consider for Pressure Sensor Selection
Pressure sensors and transmitters are cri...
Pressure Transmitter Market Anticipated to Have Continuously Growth
Source: Transparency Market Research、Glo...