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WP320 Magnetic Level Gauge

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WP320 Magnetic Level Gauge is one of the on-site level measuring instruments for the industrial process control. It is widely applied in the monitoring and process control of liquid level and interface for many industries, such as Petroleum, Chemical, Electric power, Paper-making, Metallurgy, Water treatment, Light industry and etc. The float adopts design of 360 ° magnet ring and the float is hermetically sealed, hard and anti-compression. The indicator that uses hermetical sealed glass tube technology clearly displays the level, which eliminates the common problems of glass gauge, such as vapour condensation and liquid leakage and etc.

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This series Magnetic Level Gauge can be used to measure & control liquid level in: Metallurgy, Paper-making, Water treatment, Biological pharmacy, Light industry, Medical treatment and etc.


WP320 Magnetic level gauge is one of the on-site indication measuring instruments for the industrial process control. It can be conveniently side flange mounted on the liquid container with bypass and dosen't need power supply if there is no output requirement. The magnetic float inside the main tube changes its height in accordance with the liquid level and drive the wetted part of flipping column to turn red, providing rahter noticeable on-site display. 


Noticeable on-site display

Ideal for containers with no access to power source

Easy installation and maintainance

Applicable for high temperature medium


Name Magnetic Level Gauge
Model WP320
Measuring range: 0-200~1500mm, segmented production is available for ultra long gauge
Accuracy ±10mm
Density of medium 0.4~2.0g/cm3
Density difference of Medium >=0.15g/cm3
Operating temperature -80~520℃ 
Operating pressure -0.1~32MPa
Ambient vibration Frequency<=25Hz, Amplitude<=0.5mm
Tracking speed <=0.08m/s
Viscosity of medium <=0.4Pa·S
Process Connection Flange DN20~DN200, Flange standard comply with HG20592~20635.
Chamber Material 1Cr18Ni9Ti; 304SS; 316SS; 316L; PP; PTFE
Float Material 1Cr18Ni9Ti; 304SS; 316L; Ti;  PP; PTFE
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