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WP Series Intelligent Industrial Indicators

  • WP Series Intelligent universal input dual-display controllers

    WP Series Intelligent universal input dual-display controllers

    This is a universal input dual display digital controller (temperature controller/ pressure controller).

    They can be expanded to 4 relay alarms, 6 relay alarms (S80/C80). It has isolated analog transmit output, output range can be set and adjusted as your requirement. This controller can offer 24VDC feeding supply for matching instruments pressure transmitter WP401A/ WP401B or Temperature transmitter WB.

  • WP-C80 Smart Digital Display Alarm Controller

    WP-C80 Smart Digital Display Alarm Controller

    WP-C80 Intelligent Digital Display Controller adopts dedicated IC. The applied digital self-calibration technology eliminates error caused by temperature and time drift. Surface mounted technology and multi-protection & isolation design are utilized. Passing the EMC test, WP-C80 could be regard as a highly cost-effective secondary instrument with its strong anti-interference and high reliability.

  • WP8100 Series Intelligent Distributor

    WP8100 Series Intelligent Distributor

    WP8100 Series Electric Power Distributor is designed for provision of isolated power supply for 2-wire or 3-wire transmitters and isolated conversion & transmission of DC current or voltage signal from the transmitter to other instruments. Essentially, the distributor adds the function of feed on the basis of a intelligent isolator. It can be applied in cooperation with combined units instrument and control system like DCS and PLC. The intelligent distributor provides isolation, conversion, allocation and processing for on-site primary instruments to improve anti-interference capability of procss automation control system in industrial production and ensure stability & reliability of system.

  • WP8300 Series Isolated Safety Barrier

    WP8300 Series Isolated Safety Barrier

    The WP8300 series of safety barrier is designed to transmit analog signal generated by a transmitter or temperature sensor between the hazardous area and safe area. The product can be mounted by 35mm DIN railway, requiring separate power supply and Insulated among input, output and supply.

  • WP-LCD-R Paperless Recorder

    WP-LCD-R Paperless Recorder

    Support from big screen LCD graph indicator, this series paperless recorder is possible to show multi-group hint character, parameter data, percentage bar graph, alarm/output state, dynamic real time curve, history curve parameter in one screen or show page, meanwhile, it can be connected with host or printer in speed 28.8kbps.

  • WP-LCD-C Touch Color Paperless Recorder

    WP-LCD-C Touch Color Paperless Recorder

    WP-LCD-C is a 32-channel touch color paperless recorder adopts a new large-scale integrated circuit, and is especially designed to be protective and undisturbed for input, output, power, and signal. Multiple input channels can be chose (configurable input selection: standard voltage, standard current, thermocouple, thermal resistance, millivolt, etc.). It supports 12-channel relay alarm output or 12 transmitting output, RS232 / 485 communication interface, Ethernet interface, micro-printer interface, USB interface and SD card socket. What’s more, it provides sensor power distribution, uses plug-in connecting terminals with 5.08 spacing to facilitate electrical connection, and is powerful in display, making real-time graphic trend, historical trend memory and bar graphs available. Thus, this product can be regarded as cost-effective due to its user-friendly design, perfect performance, reliable hardware quality and exquisite manufacturing process.

  • WP-L Flow indicator/ Flow totalizer

    WP-L Flow indicator/ Flow totalizer

    Shanghai Wangyuan WP-L Flow totalizer is suitable for measuring all kinds of liquids, steam, general gas and etc. This instrument has been widely used for flow totalizing, measurement and control in biology, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, medicine, food, energy management, aerospace, machinery manufacture and other industries.