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Introduction to Diaphragm Seal Connection for Transmitter

The diaphragm seal is a method of installation used to protect instruments from harsh process conditions. It acts as a mechanical isolator between process and instrument. The protection method is generally used with pressure and DP transmitters that connects them to the process.

Diaphragm seals are utilized in the following scenarios:

★ Isolation of the medium for safety or hygienic purpose
★ Handling toxic or corrosive medium
★ Dealing with medium operating in extreme temperature
★ Medium is likely to clog or freeze in operating temperature

WP3351DP Remote Diaphragm Seal Differential Hydrostatic Pressure Level Transmitter


Seals for pressure and differential-pressure transmitters come in various configurations. A common style involves a diaphragm mounted in a wafer, clamped between pair of pipe flanges and connected to the transmitter with stainless steel flexible capillary. This type adopting two flange seals is often used for level measurement in pressurized vessels.

To ensure accurate measurement, it is crucial to select capillaries of equal length and maintain them at the same temperature. Although in certain applications of remote mounting, capillaries can be rather long as 10 meters, capillary length is recommended to be as short as possible to minimize temperature gradients and keep quick response time.

WP3351DP Capillary Connection Dual Flange DP Level Transmitter

The level in atmospheric tanks is not necessarily need DP principle and can be measured with single-port diaphragm seal attached directly to the main body of pressure transmitter.

WP3051LT Side Single Flange Mounting Hydrostatic Pressure Level Transmitter

When the choice of diaphragm seal connection has been determined.It would be important for the user to work closely with the supplier to make sure the configuration of transmitter is appropriate for the application. It should be taking care of that the seal fluid will be functional over the required temperature range and compatible with the process.

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Post time: Jun-19-2024