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    Pressure Transmitter for oil pressure measuring

Found in 2001, Shanghai Wangyuan Instruments of Measurement Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise level company specializing in measurement instrumentation, services and solutions for industrial process control. We provide process solutions for pressure, level, temperature, flow and indicator.

Our products and services comply with the professional standards of CE, ISO 9001, SIL, Ex, RoHS and CPA. We can provide integrated research and development services that rank us at the top of our industry. All products are thoroughly tested in-house with our vast array of calibration and special testing equipment. Our testing process is conducted in accordance with a strict quality control system.


Fundamental Pressure Definition and Common Pressure Units

Fundamental Pressure Definition and Commo...

Pressure is the amount of force exerted perpendicular to the surface of an object, per unit area. That is, P = F/A, from which it is obvious that smaller area of stress or stronger force reinforce  applied pressure. Liquid/Fluid and gas can also apply pressure as well as...

Fundamental Pressure Definition and Common Pressure Units
Pressure is the amount of force exerted p...
WangYuan Reliable and Safe Pressure Measurement in Diverse Environments
Given the critical role of pressure in th...
Heat Sink Application in Instrumentation
Heat sinks are often used in electronic d...