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WP435C Sanitary Type Flush Diaphragm Non-cavity Pressure Transmitter

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WP435C Sanitary Type Flush Diaphragm Non-cavity Pressure Transmitter is specially designed for food application. Its pressure-sensitive diaphragm is at the front end of the thread, the sensor is at the back of the heat sink, and high-stability edible silicone oil is used as the pressure transmission medium in the middle. This ensures the effect of low temperature during food fermentation and high temperature during tank cleaning on the transmitter. Operating temperature of this model is up to 150℃. Transmitters for gauge pressure measurement use vent cable and put molecular sieve on both ends of the cable that avoiding the performance of transmitter affected by condensation and dewfall. This series are suitable to measure and control the pressure in all kinds of easy to clog, sanitary, sterile, easy to clean environment. With the feature of high working frequency, they also are fit for dynamic measurement. 

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WP435 series Non-cavity Pressure Transmitter can be used to measure & control the pressure of liquids and fluid in following fields:

Food & Beverage Industry
Pharmaceutical, Paper & Pulp Industry
Sewage Water, Sweage Sludge Treatment
Sugar Plant, other Sanitary Plant



Best choice for Sanitary, Sterlie, Easy cleaning and Anti-clogging apllications.

Flush or Corrugated Diaphragm, Clamp mounting

Multiple Diaphragm Material choices: 304, 316L, Tantalum, Hastelloy C, PTFE, Ceramic

Various Signal Output choices: Hart protocol or RS 485 is avaliable


Explosion-proof type: Intrinsically safe Ex iaIICT4, Flame-proof Ex dIICT6

Operating temperature up to 150℃ 

100% Linear meter or configurable LCD/LED digital indicator



Name Sanitary type Flush Diaphragm Non-cavity Pressure Transmitter
Model WP435C
Pressure range 0--10~ -100kPa, 0-10kPa~100MPa.
Accuracy 0.1%FS; 0.2%FS; 0.5 %FS
Pressure type Gauge pressure(G), Absolute pressure(A), Sealed pressure(S), Negative pressure (N).
Process connection G1/2”, M20*1.5, M27x2, G1”, Customized
Electrical connection Terminal block 2 x M20x1.5 F
Output signal 4-20mA (1-5V); 4-20mA + HART; RS485, RS485 + 4-20mA; 0-5V; 0-10V
Power supply 24V DC; 220V AC, 50Hz
Compensation temperature -10~70℃
Medium temperature -40~150℃
Measurement medium Medium compatible with stainless steel 304 or 316L or 96% alumina ceramics; water, milk, paper pulp, beer, sugar and etc.
Explosion-proof Intrinsically safe Ex iaIICT4;  Flame-proof Ex dIICT6
Shell Material Aluminium alloy
Diaphragm material SUS304/ SUS316L, Tantalum, Hastelloy C, PTFE, Ceramic capacitor
Indicator (local display ) LCD, LED, 0-100% linear meter
Overload pressure 150%FS
Stability 0.5%FS/ year
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