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WP401M Battery Powered High Accuracy Digital Pressure Gauge

Short Description:

This WP401M High Accuracy Digital Pressure Gauge use all-electronic structure, powered by battery and convenient to install on site. The fore-end adopts the high precision pressure sensor, output signal is treated by amplifier and microprocessor. The actual pressure value will be presented by 5 bits LCD display after computation.

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This High Precision Digital Pressure Gauge can be used to measure and control pressure for various industries, including chemical and petroleum industry, thermal power plant, water supply, CNG/LNG station, environmental protection and other automatic control industries.


5 bits LCD intuitive display (-19999~99999), easy to read
Transmitter grade high accuracy up to 0.1%, far more precise than ordinary gauges
Powered by AAA Batteries, convenient power supply with no cable
Small Signal Elimination, zero display is more stable

Graphical display of pressure percentage and battery capacity
Blinking display when overload, protect the instrument from overload damage
5 pressure units option available for display: MPa, kPa, bar, Kgf/cm 2 , Psi



Measuring range -0.1~250MPa Accuracy 0.1%FS, 0.2%FS, 0.5%FS
Stabiility ≤0.1%/year Battery voltage AAA/AA battery (1.5V×2) 
Local display LCD Display range -1999~99999
Ambient temperature  -20℃~70℃ Relative humidity ≤90%
Process connection M20×1.5,G1/2,G1/4,1/2NPT,flange…(customized)

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