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WP3051DP Capacitance Differential Pressure Transmitter

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The WP3051DP Capacitance Differential Pressure Transmitter is a state-of-the-art differential pressure transmitter that can meet the specific measuring tasks of different industries with its advanced features and customizable options. It is designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements of differential pressure in demanding environments. The transmitter is made with high-quality materials such as stainless steel, Hastelloy C alloy, Monel, and Tantalum, making it suitable for use in various industrial processes. Additionally, the WP3051DP offers multiple output signal options, including 4-20mA, HART Protocol, and RS-485, allowing for seamless integration with different control systems.

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WP3051DP is highly versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications:

★ Chemical Processing

★ Pulp & Paper

★ Power Plant

★ Water Treatment

★ Oil & Gas Products and Transportation

★ Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and etc.


WP3051DP is highly customizable to provide users with the flexibility to tailor the transmitter to their specific requirements. Customization options include Ex-proof housing for hazardous environments, bracket for easy installation, maximum static pressure and remote control with capillary connection. The inclusion of an LCD or LED display further enhances the user experience by providing real-time pressure readings and diagnostic information. Local Indicator is mounted on a electronics housing containing the output electronics board, the local zero and span buttons, and the terminal block.  


Long stability, high reliability

Easy routine maintenance

Various pressure range 0-25Pa~32MPa

Range and damping adjustable

316L, Hastelloy C, Monel or Tantalum Wetted Part

4-20mA HART or RS-485 Protocol

Function of self diagnosis and remote diagnosis

Measurement type: Gauge/Absolute/Differential/High static pressure


Name WP3051DP Differential Pressure Transmitter
Measuring range 0~6kPa---0~10MPa
Power supply 24V(12-36V) DC
Medium Liquid, Gas, Fluid
Output signal 4-20mA(1-5V); RS-485; HART; 0-10mA(0-5V); 0-20mA(0-10V)
Indicator (local display ) LCD, LED, 0-100% linear meter
Span and zero point Adjustable
Accuracy 0.1%FS; 0.25%FS, 0.5%FS
Electrical connection Terminal block 2 x M20x1.5 F, 1/2”NPT
Process connection 1/2-14NPT F, M20x1.5 M, 1/4-18NPT F, Flange
Explosion-proof Intrinsically safe Ex iaIICT4;  Flameproof Ex dIICT6
Diaphragm material Stainless steel 316L /  Monel /  Hastelloy Alloy C / Tantalum
For more information about WP3051DP Series Capacitance Differential Pressure Transmitters please feel free to contact us.

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