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WP501 Series Intelligent Control Transmitter with Switch and LED Display

Short Description:

The intelligent control transmitter adopts advanced sensor core as the measurement element with high technology, quality, accuracy, and stability. It makes process connection directly and outputs 4-20 mA signal for DCS, PLC and secondary elements with 4-digit LED display. Ceiling and floor switching analog signal can be outputted simultaneously for control or alarm use and the ceiling and floor alarm thresholds are adjustable over the measuring range. The latest swtich element can not only combine with pressure transmitters but also apply to measurement of differential pressure, level and temperature.

Product Detail

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The products have a wide range of applications for pressure, level, temperature monitoring & control in petroleum, chemistry, natural gas, pharmacy, food & beverage, dye, pulp & paper and scientific research field.


0.56” LED indicator (display range: -1999-9999)

Compatible with pressure, differential pressure, level and thermal sensors

Adjustable control points over the whole range

Dual relays control & alarm output


Pressure, Differential pressure, Level measurement & control

Measuring range 0~400MPa; 0~3.5Mpa; 0~200m
Pressure type Gauge pressure(G), Absolute pressure(A),Sealed pressure(S), Negative pressure (N), Differential pressure (D)
Temperature range Compensation: -10℃~70℃
Medium: -40℃~80℃, 150℃, 250℃, 350℃
Ambient: -40℃~70℃
Reply load 24VDC/3.5A; 220VAC/3A
Explosion proof Intrinsically safe type; Flame proof type


Temperature measurement & control

Measuring range Thermal resistance: -200℃~500℃
Thermocouple: 0~600, 1000℃, 1600℃
Ambient temperature -40℃~70℃
Reply load 24VDC/3.5A; 220VAC/3A
Explosion proof Intrinsically safe type; Flame proof type

Display panel

WP501 Display

SET key


Flip-up / Plus one key





Flip-down / Minus one key

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