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WangYuan Reliable and Safe Pressure Measurement in Diverse Environments

Given the critical role of pressure in the process control of all kinds of industries, precise and reliable instrumental integration is paramount. Without proper coordination of measuring device, connection components and field conditions, entire section in a factory might be unable to commence operation.


To ensure seamless pressure measurement integration in specific mounting scenarios, WangYuan provides a wide range of process connection means, adapters, valve manifolds and other fittings. Customization options of indicators, output signals, and materials make product configurations more application-specific. Digital smart solutions further aid in process optimization and energy efficiency.

To address the demands for aggressive media, WangYuan instruments are available in versions featuring specific resistant alloys such as Hastelloy and Monel. Various unique design like  diaphragms made of tantalum, PTFE, coating and probe using ceramic capacitor are also acceptable. Certain remote diaphragm seal and heat dissipate systems are designed to withstand extreme temperature up to 350℃. Furthermore, NEPSI certificated explosion proof designs can be applied for secure process safety in hazardous area.

Extensive range of WangYuan pressure gauges, transmitters and switches along with their corresponding accessories, are Industry-proven and highly customizable, allowing for the reliable measurement of pressures in viscous, abrasive, high temperature, aggressive, or with solid particles media. This enables the effective management of various application challenges.

Post time: May-21-2024