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Introduction to Tilt LED Field Indicator for Cylindrical Case Products


The Tilt LED Digital Field Indicator suits for all kinds of transmitters with cylindrical structure. The LED is stable and reliable with 4 bits display. It can also have the optional function of 2-way relay alarm output. When an alarm is triggered, corresponding indicator lamp on the panel will blink. User is able to set the range, decimal place and alarm control thresholds through built-in keys(arbitrary adjustment of range is not recommended preventing performance loss of the instrument).


lope LED indicator 2-relay H&L alarm limit
Tilt LED indicator 2-relay alarm


Adapt to small size column type products

Adjustable decimal points

Electrical connection: IP67 Waterproof Plug

4-digit display range -1999~9999

2-way relay H&L alarm points function

Stable and eye-catching indication

WP401B Pressure Transmitter Slope LED
WB Temperature Transmitter Ramp LED
WP435B Pressure Transmitter Tilt LED Clamp


Post time: Mar-26-2024