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How to select appropriate transmitter model

Shanghai WangYuan is a professional manufacturer of industrial control instrumentations for over 20 years. We have a wealth of experience in providing our customers with customized transmitter models that perfectly suit the requirements and on-site operating condition.  Here are some instructions on how to picking proper transmitters:

1. Essential elements:

A) Measuring object: Pressure; Differential Pressure; Level; Temperature; Flow.

B) Measuring medium:  Form, corrosion, temperature, density,  volatility.

C) Operating Condition: Process connection, ambient temperature, relative humidity, vibration, etc.

2. Range selection:  The overload capacity must higher than the contingent maximum value and the maxmium measuring value is typically at 80%~100% of full range scale. Static pressure should be taken into account for differential transmitters.

3. Selection of precision grade ought to on the basis of max error allocated to the transmitter from overall accuracy of the measurement system.  Higher accuracy requires higher cost.

4. While ordering, the full code of product model and crucial parameters (measuring range, cable length, accuracy, etc.) should be clearly confirmed.

5. If there is any special requirement of unconventional technical condition, the feasibility would have to be ensured by our technical department first before next move.

6. It should be specified if the measuring medium is ① Alkalinous; ② Beer; ③ Hydrogen.

Post time: Oct-13-2023