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Five Key Factors to Consider for Pressure Sensor Selection

Pressure sensors and transmitters are critical components for industrial process control and measurement in various industries. How do engineers select ideal models from the variety of options available? There are five key factors that drive an engineer’s choice of sensor for a certain project must be considered—accuracy, stability, configurability, portability and affordability.




First of all, accuracy within the applied pressure range and over the instrument lifetime is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a pressure sensor or transmitter. The ability of the sensor to provide precise and reliable pressure measurements is critical for ensuring the safety and efficiency of industrial processes. Depending on the application, accuracy can be of the greatest concern for pressure transducer users. HVAC system, for instance, uses pressure sensors to detect whether filters become clogged and require overhaul. Sensors in such case need to have a high level of precision at ultra low measurement scale as the differential pressure across the filter is comparatively low. Pressure sensor products from Shanghai WangYuan have a range of accuracy level options from the universal 0.5%FS to 0.075%FS to meet strict demands. WangYuan also provide a whole series of high-precision military grade pressure transmitters .  

 WP402A High Precision Military Grade Pressure Transmitter Pressure Sensor High Accuracy


Stability is another crucial attribute for pressure sensors that measures how the accuracy of instrument may drift over time specified as % of full range scale. The stability indicates whether the device can deliver consistent and reliable performance over the years and designers shall consider the stability of sensors as a component rather carefully with the whole system lifetime. This is particularly important in industrial applications where fluctuations in pressure can have serious implications. It’s notable that stability is not linear in practical and the majority of deviation usually occur at first hundreds of operating hours. WangYuan sensor products manage to ensure a stability of 0.5%FS/year, and it can be reinforced up to 0.1%FS/year depending on models and range.

 High Stability WP3051DP Differential Pressure Transmitter Working Site


The instrumentation industry has gone from basic analog sensors to digital configurable intelligent sensors quickly due to the ease of integration into a digital control system. It is very beneficial to digitize output signal of a transmitter to minimize signal distortion when its installation position has a distance from the main board/controller of system. The ability to configure these devices to meet specific application requirements is essential for achieving optimal performance. WangYuan offers a wide range of configurable options on output signal and communication protocol, allowing customers to customize the devices to suit unique needs.

 WP401A Gauge Pressure Sensor Ex-proof RS485 Configuration


The portability of pressure sensors is particularly valued in certain specific application scenario that is related to the industrial characteristics or limited by operating environment and corollary equipment. WangYuan B categories of pressure sensors are devoting to construct a compact and small size design to fit usage scenarios and facilitate test and maintenance.

WP401BS Minature Air Pressure Transmitter Compact Design Small Size


Looking beyond the engineering perspective, while quality and performance are paramount, cost also plays a significant role in the decision-making process. Economical types that do the job and fit the budget are obviously able to demonstrate a high level of competitiveness. WangYuan offers a complete range of cost-effective sensors and transmitters at favorable prices, ensuring that businesses can access high-quality pressure measurement solutions without compromising on budget.

 WP435B Economical Hygienic Pressure Senor Favorable Price

Shanghai WangYuan Instruments of Measurement Co., Ltd. is a Chinese high-tech enterprise level company specializing in industrial process control technology and products for decades. We offer a complete product line of pressure, temperature, level transmitter, flow and indicator to  delivering high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective measurement solutions.

Post time: Jan-10-2024