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Common Specifications of Pressure Transmitter

Pressure sensors are usually dimensioned and defined by several general parameters. Keeping a quick understanding of the basic specifications will be of great help to the process of sourcing or selecting the appropriate sensor. It should be noted that the specifications for the Instrumentations could differ among manufacturers or depending on types of sensor element applied.


★ Pressure type – the type of measured pressure which the sensor is designed to function. Common options often include gauge, absolute, sealed, vacuum, negative and differential pressure.

★ Working pressure range – the measurement range of general operating pressure for the circuit board to generate corresponding signal output.

★ Maximum overload pressure – the absolute max reading allowance that the instrument can operate stably without harm the sensor chip. Surpassing the limit could lead to irreparable instrumental malfunction or degradation of accuracy.

★ Full scale – the span from zero pressure to the max measuring pressure.

★ Output type – Nature and range of signal output, usually to be milliampere or voltage. Smart communication options like HART and RS-485 are becoming a popular trend.

★ Power supply – Voltage supply to power up the instrument represented by volt direct current/volt alternating current of a fixed number or acceptable range. E.g. 24VDC(12~36V).

★ Accuracy – the deviation between reading and actual pressure value represented by percentage of full scale. Factory calibration and temperature compensation can help test and improve precision of the device.

★ Resolution – the smallest detectable difference in the output signal.

★ Stability – the gradual drift over time in the calibrated status of the transmitter.

★ Operating temperature – the temperature range of medium which the device is designed to function properly and output reliable readings. Working constantly with medium beyond temperature limits could damage the wetted-part severely.


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Post time: Jan-31-2024