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Notes for Routine Operation and Maintenance of Measurement Insturments

1. Conduct regular cheack and cleaning, avoid moisture and dust accumulation.

2. The products belong to precision measurement instruments and ought to be calibrated periodically by relevant metrological service.

3. For ex-proof products, only after the power supply is disconnected can the cover be opened up.

4. Avoid overload, even short time overload is able to cause permanent damage to the sensor.

5. Measuring corrosive medium without mention when ordering could cause irreparable damage to the product.

6. Performance of the instrument would decrease if operates beyond compensation temperature.

7. It’s a normal phenomenon that analog signal would fluctuate when the temperature of ambience or measuring medium make violent sudden swing. The signal would back to normal after the temperature become stable again.

8. Use stabilized supply voltage and keep the equipment well grounded.

9. Do not lengthen or cut the cable without permission.

10. Personnel who are not trained with relevant skills shall not dismantle the products at will to avoid causing damage.  

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Post time: Jul-31-2023