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Introduction to common models of level transmitters

1. Float

Float type level transmitter is the simplest traditional method utilizes a magnetic float ball, floater stabilizing tube and reed tube switch. The reed switch is installed in the airtight non-magnetic tube  which penetrating hollow float ball with interal magnet ring. The float ball would be driven up or down by the change of liquid level, causing the reed switch to close or open outputting switching signal.


WangYuan WP316 Float type Level Transmitter 

2. Ultrasonic

Ultrasonic level transmitter is a non-contact instrument adopts ultrasonic reflection principle that monitoring the time gap between the transmission and receival of reflected ultrasonic waves to compute height of the liquid level. It has the features of non-contact, simple mounting and high flexibility.

 WP380 Ultrasonic Level Meter

WangYuan WP380 series Ultrasonic Level Tramsmitter


3. Radar

Radar level transmitter has the advantages same as laser measurement  that is hardly affected by measured medium and external environment without requirement of repeated calibration. The measuring range is usually within 6m, especially applicable for internal monitor of large vessels with heated steam such as residual oil and asphalt.

WP260 Radar Level Gauge

WangYuan WP260 Radar Level Transmitter 


4. Hydrostatic  pressure

The measurement principle is the liquid pressure formula p=ρgh. The pressure sensor mounted at the bottom of vessel measures gauge pressure which can be converted to liqiud level according to known medium density.

WP311B Submersible Liquid Level Transmitter

WangYuan WP311 series Immersion type Level Transmitter


5. Differential pressure

The capacitance level transmitters also adopt the hydrostatic pressure principle. It measures the differential pressure of two locations at the top and bottom of the vessel to determine liquid level. It is usually flange mounted and applicable for remote device, thus the instrument is suitable for media who is easily crystalized, strong corrosive or with high tempertarue need to be isolated.


WangYuan WP3351DP Differential Pressure Transmitter with Remote Device 

Post time: Jul-13-2023